Sponsors of the 7th WoCoVA

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When you care for your vascular access patients, you want to optimise their experience without complications that can compromise their outcomes. At Teleflex, we want to partner with you in achieving your goals. Our Arrow Brand of products are designed to minimise complications and enhance patient safety, with a wide range of catheters that feature proprietary Arrowg+ard Protection technology. On top of that, our Teleflex Academy offers an extensive clinical curriculum designed to provide clinicians like you with flexible options for free on-demand or in-person evidence-based vascular access education, all on your schedule. Together, we can help your patients receive the very highest standard of care.

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B. Braun is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services. With over 64,000 employees in 64 countries, B. Braun develops high quality product systems and services for users around the world. Every service provided by B. Braun incorporates its entire expertise and the company’s deep understanding of users’ needs. In developing its products, product systems and services, B. Braun acts like a sparring partner. A companion who promotes developments through constructive dialog and the motivation to improve things. With its constantly growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, B. Braun makes a substantial contribution towards protecting and improving people’s health. 

From IV sets, disinfecting caps, peripheral IV catheters, and clinically differentiated needlefree IV connectors to our award-winning infusion pumps with full IV-EHR interoperability, ICU Medical gives you access to products designed to help deliver safe and efficient IV therapy. Visit www.icumed.com to learn more.

Vygon designs, manufactures and markets high-tech single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals. Vygon is a world leader within this industry, offering a wide range of products in a number of clinical specialities: Intravascular Therapies – Critical Care – Obstetrics Neonatology Enteral – Cardiovascular & Surgery – Pain & Airway Management. A family company founded in 1962, Vygon is a mid-sized business employing 2,350 committed employees worldwide. Our products are manufactured in the group’s 11 factories including eight in Europe. Vygon combines local and international in-depth expertise and know-how in each individual field. With expertise right along the value chain, from product design to the delivery of training for medical personnel, we provide clinicians with effective and innovative products tailored to their needs for optimum use and safety. At Vygon, we Value Life through the innovation of our medical devices and their impact on improving and ultimately, saving lives. For more information on Vygon, please visit www.vygon.com.

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The Swiss family owned company Geistlich Pharma develops and produces pharmaceutical and medical devices since 1851. A worldwide distribution network provides valuable assistance in solving medical issues. Products such as the antimicrobial catheter lock solution Geistlich TauroSept® for the prevention and treatment of CRBSIs originate from the company’s own research facilities in Central Switzerland.

Health Line International Corp. is a medical device developer, manufacturer, and distributor located in the USA. Health Line produces a comprehensive line of products for vascular access, infusion therapy, and infection control. Health Line not only offers our own line of products but a comprehensive product line for OEM contract manufacturing.

Poly Medicure Ltd and Plan1Health are world leading manufacturers of different high-tech Vascular Access Devices such as PICC lines, TIVADs, PICC Ports, Mid Lines, Mini-Mid lines, CVC, Closed systems, IV catheter Blood control, Safety IVC, Pre-Filled Syringes with NaCl for flushing, Disinfecting caps and a complete range of infusion accessories. The focus is on innovation, safety, and quality by a production network made by 9 different facilities, some of them already oriented to sustainability and  “green manufacturing”.

In 2000, TauroPharm GmbH was founded as a German company specialising in medical devices with antimicrobial, antibiofilm and antiocclusive efficacy.   Based on its innovative products, we aim to develop more effective ways to prevent catheter-associated complications – ranging from blood clotting to fatal infections. Throughout this process, improving the patient’s quality of life remains our top priority.   Since there is an urgent need for our products, especially in light of the steadily increasing number of antibiotics-resistant pathogens, TauroLock™ is recommended in interdisciplinary national and international guidelines. All products have been investigated in independent scientific studies with excellent study results.

Delta Med was founded in 1993 with the aim of developing and manufacturing safe and high quality medical devices. 

We have become a reference point in health and safety market for public and private hospitals and multinationals leading companies.
What’s our added value? Qualified professionals and technicians, continuously updated to offer innovative and safe solutions according to higher international standards. 
We have invested in research, progressively expanding our product catalogue developing a wide range of vascular smart access devices:

PICC 3 layers, midline/mini-midline, long cannula, arterial catheters, Closed system catheters, needleless connectors, blood control catheters, dialysis catheters, catheter fixation & securement systems, ECG multi smart system, dedicated vascular procedural and maintenance kits, pre-filled syringes for flushing and locking procedures, disinfectant caps, filtered extension lines.