Sponsors & Exhibitors of the 8th WoCoVA

BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. The company supports the heroes on the frontlines of health care by developing innovative technology, services and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for health care providers. BD and its more than 70,000 employees have a passion and commitment to help enhance the safety and efficiency of clinicians’ care delivery process, enable laboratory scientists to accurately detect disease and advance researchers’ capabilities to develop the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics. BD has a presence in virtually every country and partners with organizations around the world to address some of the most challenging global health issues. By working in close collaboration with customers, BD can help enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health care. For more information on BD, please visit bd.com/en-eu or connect with us on
LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/bd1/,
X (formerly Twitter) @BDandCo or
Instagram @becton_dickinson.

As one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, B. Braun protects and improves the health of people around the world. For over 180 years, the family-owned company has been accelerating progress in health care with pioneering spirit and groundbreaking contributions. This innovative strength continues to be the foundation of B. Braun’s success today—always with the goal of improving clinical outcomes, cost of care and patient benefits.  More than 65,000 employees live Sharing Expertise worldwide, they make B. Braun a true partner that develops smart solutions and sets new standards. By linking products, services and consulting, the company improves treatment processes and supports medical staff. In doing so, B. Braun always acts with future generations in mind, which is why responsibility for sustainable growth is embedded into all business processes. In 2022, the B. Braun Group generated sales of € 8.5 billion.

Shandong Branden Medical Device Co.,Ltd is founded in 2003, right now it is top leading medical device manufacturer in China. After 20 years development, Branden is engaged in various medical field such as cardiac, oncology, neurology, urology and imaging etc. In vascular access device field, Branden established various production line including PICC, wireless ultrasound, ECG module, Seldinger Kit, guide wire, tunnelling kit etc. Chest-Port and PICC-Port is currently undergoing clinical trials in China. We build tremendous distribute network include more than 4,000 hospitals around China. Our ultrasound guide PICC insertion project (EDUG) was selected as national key project. Every year we cooperate with China Intravenous Therapy Society to organize academic activities to promote Chinese nurses’ performance in VAD field. We are looking forward your future cooperation in both domestic and international market to facilitate VAD development.

ICU Medical is a global leader offering clinically essential products and solutions that connect patients with caregivers through life-enhancing, innovative technology and services that provide meaningful clinical value. Our robust portfolio features medical delivery systems and consumable products for infusion therapy, emergency medicine, general and regional anesthesia, homecare, NICU/PICU, oncology, pain management, and respiratory care. We are a dedicated partner delivering leading-edge products across the continuum of care.

When you care for your vascular access patients, you want to optimise their experience without complications that can compromise their outcomes. At Teleflex™, we want to partner with you in achieving your goals. Our Arrow™ Brand of products are designed to minimize complications and enhance patient safety, with a wide range of catheters that feature proprietary Arrowg+ard™ Protection technology. On top of that, our Teleflex Academy offers an extensive clinical curriculum designed to provide clinicians like you with flexible options for free on-demand or in-person evidence-based vascular access education, all on your schedule. Together, we can help your patients receive the very highest standard of care

Vygon designs, manufactures and markets high-tech single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals. Vygon is a world leader within this industry, offering a complete range of products for short, medium and long-term access to the peripheral and central vascular system, from newborns to adults. A family company founded in 1962, Vygon is a mid-sized business employing 2,557 committed employees worldwide. Our products are manufactured in the group’s eleven factories including eight in Europe. Vygon combines local and international in-depth expertise and know-how in each individual field. With expertise right along the value chain, from product design to the delivery of training for medical personnel, we provide clinicians with effective and innovative products tailored to their needs for optimum use and safety. At Vygon, we Value Life through the innovation of our medical devices and their impact on improving and ultimately, saving lives. For more information on Vygon, please visit www.vygon.com.

Interlinked from Sweden, brings you ReLink, managing the problem of IV dislodgement. Our breakaway connector is compatible with all IV catheters and limits IV dislodgement. ReLink boosts safety by protecting the catheter with its double-sided, self-sealing valves and weak link activation. Our design saves time by significantly reducing the need for IV restarts. ReLink, ready-to-use connector enhances patient safety and keeps blood and medicine from spilling. Visit us at booth B4 for information / demonstration and sales opportunities.

ivWatch is a biosensor technology company focused on improving patient safety and the effectiveness of intravenous therapy. Our dedicated and passionate team is pioneering the use of optical sensors to detect adverse IV events early to minimize the risk of injury caused by infiltrations and extravasations. By using this technology, clinicians can leverage continuous monitoring to help identify infiltrations as early as possible. Our innovative IV monitoring solutions are backed by decades of clinical research and device development.

Health Line International Corp. is a key player in the global market for vascular access catheters and medical devices. Our USA-manufactured products are distributed worldwide through partnerships with key distributors, supported by a team of clinical experts.

Established in 1995, Plan 1 Health proudly operates under the Polymed Group, a partnership formed in 2018. We are leaders in Italian innovation for implantable medical devices, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our focus on cutting-edge solutions redefines patient care, offering crucial support to healthcare professionals. Serving as a dynamic R&D partner, we meticulously navigate the entire product lifecycle within our state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 Clean Room facility. Together, we strive for global competitiveness, fostering long-term partnerships to achieve common objectives and elevate healthcare standards worldwide.

NUMANTEC is a medical device group of different companies made up of different companies specialized in unique, cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Working as a team as innovation without cooperation isn’t enough. A full range of vascular access devices, elastomeric pumps, pre-filled syringes, and traditional syringes, together with urology and urodynamics products make our portfolio stunning and attractive, but the continuous research for functional, safe, and high-quality results is what makes us a reliable partner. Our mission to improve patients’ quality of life and making it easier in every day action thanks to highly performant devices completely focused on patients and final users.

StatSeal topical dressing products work with any protein-rich body fluid to create an instant, occlusive seal over insertion sites and wounds to prevent oozing and bleeding. The seal creates a hostile barrier to microbial penetration and strengthens over time, while natural clotting continues beneath the seal. StatSeal products are available in both powder and disc form, to suit a wide variety of clinical applications and to fit a full range of catheter sizes.

In 2000, TauroPharm GmbH was founded as a German company specialising in medical devices with antimicrobial, antibiofilm and antiocclusive efficacy. Based on its innovative products, we aim to develop more effective ways to prevent catheter-associated complications – ranging from blood clotting to fatal infections. Throughout this process, improving the patient’s quality of life remains our top priority.
Since there is an urgent need for our products, especially in light of the steadily increasing number of antibiotics-resistant pathogens, TauroLock is recommended in interdisciplinary national and international guidelines. All products have been investigated in independent scientific studies with excellent study results.

Standard of care in vascular access typically involves the use of multiple products for securement and insertion site protection. See how SecurePortIV® Catheter Securement Adhesive by Adhezion Biomedical is combining multiple patient and caregiver benefits into one product.  SecurePortIV catheter securement adhesive secures both the catheter to the insertion site and the hub to the skin, reducing catheter movement, migration and dislodgement. Adhezion Biomedical, LLC is now a subsidiary of the H.B. Fuller Group.

AnderMed is a Sino-French joint venture, dedicated to R&D, production and marketing of innovative medical devices including vascular access, infusion therapy, clinical specimen collection, surgical products, interventional therapy etc. As a key player of medical industry in China, AnderMed has been leading and participating in drafting over 50 national and medical industrial standards. The company owns more than 150 patents. FDA 510K, CE certificate and WHO PQS Certificate have been acquired for the main product portfolio.

Bedal provides the best-in-class catheter securement devices under the brandname FlexGRIP®. A portfolio of products allows the secure fixation of all types of catheters. FlexGRIP products excel in providing the highest security, intuitive usage and patient comfort.

Bullpup Scientific M/29 PRO Next generation IV catheter. The future of Midline technology is here today – A redesigned BullPup the better becomes best. mini-midline, an innovative, simple over the needle insertion with a dwell time of up to 29 days with minimum training, maximum performance. Single hand operation, blood stop and fully enclosed system. Midline performance with the simplicity of standard IV cannula – The future of the IV access made available today.

Cair LGL, European manufacturer of disposable medical devices, is specialized in fluid administration, from the bag to the patient and supplies sets of infusion, chemotherapy, nutrition with ENFit connection and aspiration. Products are sold worldwide through partnerships and subsidiaries in Europe.

GEM S.r.l., is an Italian company, since 1994 manufacturer and worldwide distributor of synthetic adhesives: Glubran® 2 for Surgical and Endovascular uses, Glubran® Tiss 2 for wound care and VADs management (PICCs, CVCs, etc.). Producer of all the related devices to apply Glubran® adequately: Dispensing Tips, Catheters, Nebulizers for open and laparoscopic surgery. Glutack® system for open and laparoscopic atraumatic hernia mesh fixation. All CE marked.

Jiaxing Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer focused on producing disposable blood bags and prefilled flush syringes. Our products comply with the ISO 13485:2016, MDD93/42/EEC, and GMP regulation.

Kimal is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of customised procedure packs and vascular access devices to clinical departments in over seventy countries worldwide. The company manufactures over two million procedure packs and vascular access devices every year for a range of specialities including Cardiology, Radiology, Pacing, Laparoscopy, and Cardiac Surgery; and its unique, ground-breaking central venous catheter technology is helping to reduce patient risk in hospitals across the world.
MEDISYNER has been specializing in venous access and respective accessories since 2011. However, our experience in this field goes back even further. We offer a wide range of medical products from both Czech and foreign manufacturers – focusing mainly on mid-term and long-term vascular access as an exclusive distributor for MEDCOMP power injectable  Piccs, ports and midlines.
Our family-owned molding company has grown with a constant commitment to innovation. That’s why we embarked on our entrepreneurial challenge: to create a series of products that would enable people to overcome the discomfort caused by having to wear orthopedic and medical braces, thus rediscovering the pleasure of wearing their favorite garments during and after treatments. Coverpicc is born—a line specifically designed to protect the Picc in daily life and from water.

Medline is a medical equipment manufacturing company operating in 125+ countries with 30,000+ employees. With our wide range of products, from gloves to facemasks, we enhance care settings and optimize facility performance. Founded in 1966 in the U.S., Medline expanded to Europe in 2011, now present in 11 countries. Manufacturing, distribution, and personnel investments reflect our commitment to growth. With our tagline ‘Always On,’ we focus on customer needs and quality care.

Reliable filtration for medical applications. As the medical industry works to lower costs, improve quality, and protect patients, we can help you comply with changing healthcare standards.

UltraDrape™ is an innovative dressing designed for use during Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (UGPIV) that provides dual-action barrier and securement in one. This eliminates the need for sterile gels, covers and tedious post-IV procedure cleanup.

pfmmedical is an internationally active company and a leader in the healthcare sector. Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Germany, the family-owned company has 12 locations worldwide. The portfolio distributed in more than 100 markets, covers the medical focus areas of infusion, histotechnology, cardiovascular technologies and surgery. Especially in the field of vascular access users around the world rely on our implantable port systems and our more than 30 years of experience.

The SecurAcath® Subcutaneous Anchor Securement System (SASS) is a revolutionary new method for catheter securement that does not require sutures or adhesives.  Small, flexible securement feet placed in the subcutaneous tissue secure for the Life of the Line™ and dramatically decrease catheter migration and dislodgement, decrease catheter replacement costs, significantly reduce risk of catheter-related infections and other complications, prevent catheter-associated skin injury (CASI), eliminate suture needle stick risk, and lower total cost of patient care.

Spectrum Vascular is an innovative medical device company focused on vascular access and medication management. The company’s mission is to improve the lives of patients worldwide by providing caregivers with high quality, innovative products with exceptional customer service. Innovation has been a core strategic pillar throughout Spectrum Vascular’s history and many of its products have been designed to deliver antimicrobial and antithrombogenic protection or to support certain patient populations such as those who are critically ill and pediatrics. 

Spectrum Vascular is an innovative medical device company focused on vascular access and medication management. The company’s mission is to improve the lives of patients worldwide by providing caregivers with high quality, innovative products with exceptional customer service. Innovation has been a core strategic pillar throughout Spectrum Vascular’s history and many of its products have been designed to deliver antimicrobial and antithrombogenic protection or to support certain patient populations such as those who are critically ill and pediatrics. 

TIDI® Products has a history of providing forward-looking solutions that help reduce the risk of contamination and deliver the highest-quality patient care. The TIDI Products Grip-Lok® Securement Devices portfolio offers a variety of securement solutions with strong adhesion that are also gentle on patient’s skin. Ensure the right securement for both primary and secondary applications with the use of Grip-Lok.  To learn more about TIDI Products and its Grip-Lok portfolio, please visit https://www.tidiproducts.com/product-listing/grip-lok-securement-devices.

Tristel manufactures medical device decontamination products for infection prevention worldwide. Our proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry delivers fast, practical, and complete high-level disinfection. Join us on stand E11 to see our newest innovations for infection prevention.