About WoCoVA

WoCoVA is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional foundation promoting the science and practice of vascular access. WoCoVA congresses are the events where professionals from all over the world can share the latest research and innovations with all stakeholders.

In 2019, it was decided to make some changes in the organizational structure, the Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet) was created. With the increasing interest in improving vascular access, WoCoVA has a permanent position in connecting worldwide VA activities.

To improve global awareness and quality patient care, there is a need for global standards of practice, consensus models and certification of VA related educational programs and training centers.

WoCoVA Mission

WoCoVA is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional foundation promoting the science and practice of vascular access while developing consensus models for global standards of practice to improve patient care and outcomes worldwide.

WoCoVA strives to work inclusively with all professional organizations worldwide who are involved with vascular access to further enhance communication, education and clinical practice.

WoCoVA History

With a growing number of clinicians, united in national membership organizations, a representative group of vascular access specialists were part of the North American AVA (Association Vascular Access) Global Strategy Committee (GSC).

The need for more worldwide networking opportunities has been on the agenda of each meeting. The discussion lasted from 2002 till 2009.

Since none of the international representatives could agree on an AVA domination in a world wide activity, it was suggested by one of the AVA board members to have an independent organization that could represent all national VA societies, aiming for the same goals in improving Vascular Access (VA). With a few members being experienced in organizing events and the support of all GSC members, it was decided that Amsterdam would be a ‘central’ location to organize a global congress.

To have a legal structure and representation, WoCoVA (World Congress on Vascular Access) was established in 2009 as a foundation to create an independent international platform to organize worldwide congresses on vascular access. In 2010, the first congress took place in Amsterdam, bringing together vascular access professionals from all around the globe.

Following the success of this first congress, WoCoVA organized biennial international congresses in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 highlighting new vascular access issues, technology advances, evidence-based practices and offering networking opportunities with experienced professionals.

Although the biennial WoCoVA congresses were held in a representative ‘central’ city in Europe, WoCoVA has a global focus. Next to the biennial congresses WoCoVA also offered special events in Hong Kong, Perth and São Paulo, and more events with WoCoVA representation are planned.

WoCoVA is also playing an increasing important role in educational programs, consensus meetings, publications, certification and supporting national societies in reaching their goals in improving vascular access.

WoCoVA does not offer individual membership, but is a global network organization connecting and supporting national VA societies. National VA societies do not pay any membership fee, but only benefit of the global network opportunities for their individual members and national status that is beneficial for growth of the organization and position in the development of VA.

More information on the WoCoVA activities and how to become part of this global initiative can be found on this website or by contacting one of the WoCoVA Global Committee members.