Wednesday 17 April 2024


Forum Hall (F)

South Hall (S)

09:00 – 10:05

F01. Opening 8th WoCoVA

  • F01.1 Opening
    Ton van Boxtel (NL)

  • F01.2 Neutral, irritant, and vesicant solutions: a key to the choice of the VAD
    Marc Stranz (US)

10:05 – 11:05

F02. Short peripheral cannulas today
Chairs:  Evan Alexandrou (AU) and
Christian Dupont (FR)

  • F02.1 Standard vs. integrated SPC
    Peter Carr (IE)

  • F02.2 New strategies for SPC: ultrasound guidance and glue
    Amit Bahl (US)

Abstract Presentation

  • F02.3 Efficacy of PIVC insertion using imaging technology compared to combined palpation and visualization.  The EPIC randomised controlled trial
    Tricia Kleidon (AU)


S01. Vascular Access around the world (1)
Chairs: Josie Stone (US) and Tim Spencer (US)

  • S01.1 Implementing the INS Standard of Practice into other countries practices
    Marlene Steinheiser (US)

  • S01.2 Implementing an evidence-based vascular access team and care bundles in low-resource circumstances
    Mohammad Bayoumi (QA)


11:15 – 12:00

3 Industry symposia

13:00 – 15:05

F03. Choice of Vascular Access Device (VAD) in oncology
Chairs: Evangelos Konstantinou (GR) and
Jiri Charvat (CZ)

  • Fo3.1 The device of the future in oncology: the PICC-port 
    Sergio Bertoglio (IT)

  • F03.2 Tunneled catheters vs. PICCs vs. ports: different devices, different indications 
    Jonathan Moss (UK)

  • F03.3 Current insertion bundles for port placement 
    Fabrizio Brescia (IT)

  • F03.4 Choice of VAD and risk of bleeding: a GAVeCeLT consensus
    Maria Giuseppina Annetta (IT)

Abstract Presentations

  • F03.5 PICC-PORTs – experience from the Vascular Access Centre of the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University and the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague
    Oliver Kuchař (CZ)

  • F03.6  The power of a team: PICC-port insertion by Interventional Radiology team in Canary Island. Preliminary results
    Aday García Almeida (ES)

  • F03.7  Education in vascular access with regard to the results of a national survey and the implementation of new treatment modalities in cancer patients
    Viktor Manasek (CZ)


S02. Preventing complications in neonates and children 
Chairs: Maurizio Pacilli (AU) and Vito D’Andrea (IT)

  • S02.1 Securement of VAD in children 
    Amanda Ullman (AU)

  • S02.2 Technologies for diagnosis of extravasation 
    Roland van Rens (NL)

  • S02.3 Prevention of primary malposition in neonates: the Neo-ECHOTIP protocol 
    Giovanni Barone (IT)

  • S02.4 Arterial access in neonates
    Robin van der Lee (NL)

Abstract Presentations

  • S02.5 Securing non-cuffed central venous catheters in pediatric patients: The SECURED randomized clinical trial
    Tricia Kleidon (AU)

  • S02.6 Keep it simple specialists.  One PICC, one securement device, until the end of need.
    Mikaela Olsen (US)

  • S02.7 Pulsed wave Doppler across the superior cavoatrial junction as an aid to ultrasound-based catheter tip location by microbubble test: a pilot study. 
    Gidaro Antonio (IT)


15:45 – 17:25

F04. The midline (midclavicular) and the long peripheral catheter (mini-midline)
Chairs: Amit Bahl (US) and Antonio Gidaro (IT)

  • F04.1 The persistent confusion between LPC and midline 
    Maurizio Pacilli (AU)

  • F04.2 Ultrasound for tip location of midline 
    Stefano Elli (IT)

  • F04.3 Midlines for home infusion
    Victoria Armenteros-Yeguas (ES)

  • F04.4 The current indication to LPC  
    Jiri Charvat (CZ)

Abstract Presentation

  • F04.5 Safety and Efficacy of short peripheral intravenous catheters, long peripheral intravenous catheters, and midline catheters in patients undergoing bariatric surgery: an open-label randomized clinical trial
    Linfang Zhao (CN)


S03. Exit site protection
Chairs: Nancy Moureau (US) and
Giancarlo Scoppettuolo (IT)

  • S03.1 Should we use cyanoacrylate glue for all VAD insertions?
    Gloria Ortiz Miluy (ES)

  • S03.2 Prevention and treatment of MARSI 
    Amanda Ullman (AU)

  • S03.3 How to choose the transparent dressing 
    Christian Dupont (FR)

  • S03.4 The best securement: subcutaneous anchorage
    Alessandro Crocoli (IT) 

Abstract Presentation

  • S03.5 Enhancing Nursing Excellence in Peripheral Catheterization: Insights from an Action Research Study
    Paulo Santos-Costa (PT)