Thursday 18 April 2024


Forum Hall (F)

South Hall (S)

08:30 – 10:05

F05. Femoral catheters
Chairs: Fulvio Pinelli (IT) and Fabrizio Brescia (IT)

  • F05.1 The great novelty in femoral access: the superficial femoral vein 
    Mauro Pittiruti (IT)

  • F05.2 The transhepatic view for ultrasound-based tip location of femoral lines 
    Maria Giuseppina Annetta (IT)

  • F05.3 Tools and techniques for femoral vein access
    Matt Ostroff (US)

  • F05.4 Vascular access quality control and risk management in China
    Jinghui Zhang (CN)

Abstract Presentation

  • F05.5 Knowledge of vascular access of nursing professionals in public hospitals of the Valencian Community
    Sonia Casanova-Vivas (ES)


S04. Catheter related Infections
Chairs: Victor Rosenthal (US) and Ton van Boxtel (NL)

  • S04.1 The role of taurolidine for prevention and treatment 
    Giancarlo Scoppettuolo (IT)

  • S04.2 The role of tetrasodium EDTA for infection prevention 
    Steve Reynolds (CA)

  • S04.3 Infection of peripheral VADs 
    Marcia Ryder (US)

  • S04.4 Barriers and best practices in vascular access practices of the Czech Republic
    Jiri Charvat (CZ)

Abstract Presentation

  • S04.5 Anti-microbial or hydrophobic materials vs conventional peripherally inserted central catheters: a multicentre, randomised controlled trial
    Amanda Ullman (AU)


10:05 – 11:15

F06. The DIVA (Difficult Intra Venous Access) patient
Chairs:  Sergio Bertoglio (IT) and
Victoria Armenteros-Yeguas (ES)

  • F06.1 Is there an ideal DIVA score? 
    Rick van Loon (NL)

  • CANCELLED F06.2 The obese patient 
    Evangelos Konstantinou (GR)

  • F06.3 Ultrasound in DIVA patient 
    Evan Alexandrou (AU)


S05. Venous access devices (VADs) in children
Chairs: Amanda Ullman (AU) and Elias Kehagias (GR)

  • S05.1 The new pediatric DAV Expert consensus 
    Alessandro Crocoli (IT)

  • S05.2 Intracavitary ECG in children
    Mark Weber (US)

  • S05.3 Tip location by ultrasound (ECHOTIP-ped) in children 
    Mauro Pittiruti (IT)


11:25 – 12:10

3 Industry symposia

13:10 – 15:30

Chairs: Stefano Elli (IT) and Jonathan Moss (UK)

  • F07.1 A new approach to the problem – the DAV expert revisited 
    Fulvio Pinelli (IT)

  • F07.2 PICC in the patient with chronic renal failure: a decision-making algorithm
    Antonio Gidaro (IT)

  • F07.3 The GAVeCeLT protocols for central venous catheterization (SIF, SIC, SIP) 
    Tim Spencer (US)

  • F07.4 The axillary approach in 2023 
    Ryszard Gawda (PL)

Abstract Presentations

  • F07.5 Cost effectiveness of shifting PICC lines from interventional radiology/surgical suite to a dedicated bedside clinician: creation of a vascular access full-time employee (FTE)
    Kathy Kokotis (US)

  • F07.6 Centrally inserted central catheter in severe thrombocytopenic patients: can we choose the axillary approach?
    André Caiado (PT)

  • F07.7 Implementation contexts and strategies for peripherally inserted central catheter material and design selection: A qualitative exploration using CFIR/ERIC approach
    Samantha Keogh (AU)


S06. Venous access devices (VADs) in neonates 
Chairs: Robin van der Lee (NL) and Matt Ostroff (US)

  • S06.1 Bundles for UVC and ECC insertion 
    Roland van Rens (NL)

  • S06.2 Bundles for CICC and FICC insertion in neonates 
    Christian Breschan (AT)

  • S06.3 The increasing use of cyanoacrylate glue in neonates 
    Vito D’Andrea (IT)

  • S06.4 The neonatal DAV Expert Consensus 
    Giovanni Barone (IT)

Abstract Presentations

  • S06.5 Long-term catheter in pediatric oncology. Brachiocephalic vein ultrasound guided puncture era, analysis of complications and catheter survival
    Chaves Ribeiro (BR)

  • S06.6 Chest-to-arm tunneling technique in long-term central venous access placement in the pediatric patient: the CHARM-PED (CHest-to-Arm Tunneling in PEDiatric population) protocol
    Giorgio Calabrese (IT)

  • S06.7 Pediatric central venous access device lock solutions: A network meta-analysis
    Victoria Gibson (AU)

  • S06.8 A prospective study on routine echocardiography before CVC removal
    Giorgio Lamberti (IT)


16:00 – 16:45

3 Industry symposia

16:45 – 17:45

F08. Panel Discussion: Vascular Access: Developing the specialty (Plenary)
Chairs: Massimo Lamperti (AE) and Ton van Boxtel (NL)

Education and training
Introduction by Massimo Lamperti, MBA, MD (AE)

Recognition of the Vascular Access specialty
Introduction by Ton van Boxtel, MSc, RN (NL)

Panel members
Mauro Pittiruti (IT), Nancy Moureau (US), Tim Spencer (US), Even Alexandrou AU), Marije Hoekendijk-Beukers (NL)