Presentations Sunday 16 October 2022


Trianti Hall (T)

Banqueting Hall (B)

Skalkotas Hall (S)

Trianti Hall = T

Banqueting Hall = B

Skalkotas Hall = S

09:00 – 10:05

T01. Opening session
7th WoCoVA

10:05 – 11:05

T02. What’s new in the world of venous access?
Chairs: Roberto Biffi (IT) and 
Sergio Bertoglio (IT)

  • T02.1 A nurse’s point of view
    Evangelos Konstantinou (GR)
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  • T02.2 A physician’s point of view
    Massimo Lamperti (AE) Virtual, see recording

11:15 – 12:00

Industry symposium
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Industry symposium
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Industry symposium
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13:00 – 14:05

T03. Cyanoacrylate glue for venous access
Chairs: Jocelyn Hill (CA) and
Matt Ostroff (US)

B01. The proper choice of the venous access device
Chairs: Christian Dupont (FR) and Evangelos Konstantinou (GR)

Abstract Presentations

  • B01.3 Indications for venous access in oncology -recommendations of national professional societies and the current state in the Czech Republic
    Viktor Manasek (CZ)
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Chairs: Roland van Rens (NL) and Christian Breschan (AT)

  • S01.1 Prevention of CRBSI: state of the art
    Agnes van den Hoogen (NL)
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  • S01.2 Skin antisepsis in neonates and children
    Giancarlo Scoppettuolo (IT)
    Virtual, see recording

14:05 – 15:05

T04. Ultrasound for venous access: not only venipuncture
Chairs: Antonio La Greca (IT) and Tim Spencer (US)

  • T04.1 Ultrasound for detection of catheter-related complications
    Daniele G. Biasucci (IT)
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  • T04.2 Advantages of ultrasound for tip navigation and tip location
    Emanuele Iacobone (IT)
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B02. Infection prevention in 2022: fighting extraluminal contamination
Chairs: Nancy Moureau (US) and Marcia Ryder (US)

  • B02.1 Infective complications of short peripheral cannulas
    Victor Rosenthal (US)
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  • B02.2 Prevention of bacterial contamination by the extraluminal route: the state of the art
    Giancarlo Scoppettuolo (IT)
    Virtual, see recording

S02. The choice of VAD in children
Chairs: Amanda Ullman (AU) and Giovanni Barone (IT)

  • S02.1 The choice of VAD in children with oncologic diseases Alessandro Crocoli (IT)
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  • S02.2 Vascular approaches in infants and children: French pediatric recommendations, tips and tricks
    Eric Desruennes (FR)
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Abstract Presentations

  • S02.3 Effective use of extended dwell peripheral intravenous catheters in neonatal
    Jessica Marchetti (US)
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15:45 – 17:00

T05. The changing paradigm of femoral access
Chairs: Matt Ostroff (US) and
Andrew Bodenham (GB)

Abstract Presentations

  • T05.3 Comparison of femorally inserted central catheters with peripherally inserted central catheters by propensity scoring analysis
    Evan Alexandrou (AU)
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B03. Infection prevention in 2022: fighting intraluminal contamination
Chairs: Theodoros Katsoulas (GR) and Ken Symington (US)

  • B03.1 Prevention of bacterial contamination by the intraluminal route: the state of the art
    Marcia Ryder (US)
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  • B03.2 VADs with antibacterial coating: a review of the evidence
    Tim Spencer (US)
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Abstract Presentations

  • B03.3 Performance evaluation of central venous catheters with two different antimicrobial technologies against Staphylococcus aureus infection
    Nisha Gupta (US)
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S03. New standards for venous access in neonates
Chairs: Agnes van den Hoogen (NL) and Ton van Boxtel (NL)

  • S03.1 Peripheral and central VADs in neonates: new techniques and new materials
    Giovanni Barone (IT)
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  • S03.2 Ultrasound access in neonates: the role of the brachiocephalic vein
    Christian Breschan (AT)
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Abstract Presentations

  • S03.3 Impacting neonatal patient care: reducing needle sticks, with an extended dwell catheter
    Constance Girgenti (US) Virtual, see recording

  • S03.4 Outcomes of establishing a neonatal peripheral vascular access team
    Roland van Rens (NL)
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