Abstracts Topics

For the 8th WoCoVA, abstracts cover one of the following topics:



WoCoVA aims at ‘targeting zero’. Different sessions will cover strategies aiming to improve patient safety and cost-effectiveness. The clinical goal is minimization (or ultimately prevention or eradication) of all risks related to venous access.

Research & Innovation

VADs are continuously improved and the 8th WoCoVA is the place to learn about such innovations. VAD improvements, along with research outcomes, increases the level of care quality. This applies both to devices designed for safe insertion (optimizing vein selection, venipuncture, tip navigation, and tip location) as well as products aimed at reducing the incidence of infection, thrombosis, lumen occlusion, catheter dislodgement, and costs.

Education & Training

Critical to improving VA practices is education and training. This can be via theoretical training as well as hands-on practices. It is important that VA experts use their experience and knowledge to train future VA specialists from all parts of the world. WoCoVA is a very good place to present your latest insights and knowledge about how to optimally train future VA specialists.

Guidelines & Consensus

For optimal vascular access patient outcome, it is important to have, preferably global, consensus on best VA placement, maintenance & care, and removal of VAD in different situations. Guidelines based on scientific research on all aspects of VA practices is critical to optimally work and collaborate and to improve vascular access outcomes. WoCoVA supports all activities to generate scientifically based VA guidelines.

Wordlwide Network

The 8th WoCoVA is the global platform to share ideas, experiences, and best practices. Since the launch of WoCoVA in 2010, global knowledge sharing between national vascular access organizations (so-called National Societies), Global Committee members, clinicians, and industry partners, has been promoted and supported. Global sharing of ideas, practices, and results is vital for the ongoing improvements patient care.