Abstract submission for the 7th WoCoVA , 16-18 October 2022, is closed. Abstracts accepted by the scientific committee of WoCoVA will be included in the Scientific Program as an oral presentation or a scientific poster.


For the 7th WoCoVA, abstracts cover one of the following topics:

WoCoVA aims at ‘targeting zero’. Different sessions will cover strategies aiming to improve patient safety and cost-effectiveness. The clinical goal is minimization (or ultimately prevention or eradication) of all risks related to venous access.

VADs are continuously improved and the 7th WoCoVA is the place to learn about such innovations. VAD improvements, along with research outcomes, increases the level of care quality. This applies both to devices designed for safe insertion (optimizing vein selection, venipuncture, tip navigation, and tip location) as well as products aimed at reducing the incidence of infection, thrombosis, lumen occlusion, catheter dislodgement, and costs.

Quality of patient care can only be achieved through education and training for all disciplines involved. 7th WoCoVA presents different educational strategies and outcomes, addressing the structure of a training course, proficiency evaluation, and good clinical practice.

Guidelines and evidence-based WoCoVA position papers released in the last two years will be part of the scientific program. Initiatives for the implementation of guidelines and worldwide availability will be shared.

The 7th WoCoVA is the global platform to share ideas, experiences, and best practices. Since the launch of WoCoVA in 2010, global knowledge sharing between national vascular access organizations (so-called National Societies), Global Committee members, clinicians, and industry partners, has been promoted and supported. Global sharing of ideas, practices, and results is vital for the ongoing improvements patient care.

Type of abstracts

There are 4 types of Abstracts:

  • Scientific Abstracts
  • Experience Abstracts about team effects (financial, logistic etc.)
  • Educational Abstracts
  • Video Abstracts

Presenting authors of abstracts, accepted for presentation must be registered within two weeks after notification of acceptance. Authors are responsible for their expenses for preparation, travel, and accommodation.

The WoCoVA Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject abstracts submitted. The Scientific Committee decision is final.

Structure of abstracts

The abstract should be maximum 300 words:

  • The abstract should be typed in: Single spacing; Font size: 11; Style: Times New Roman
  • Tables and graphs must be submitted separately with a maximum of two graphs (these will not be published)
  • Capitalization: please only use a capital letter at the beginning of the abstract title
  • Make the abstracts as informative as possible
  • Conclusions must be supported by data

Organize the body of the abstract as follows:

  • a) Introduction b) Method c) Results d) Discussion & Conclusion
  • Only online submitted abstracts will be accepted
  • An acknowledgment will be sent on receipt of the abstract. Please contact the secretariat if you have not received confirmation of submission of your abstract(s)
  • Add author(s) information, following the instruction on the abstract submission page.

Structure of video abstracts

For a video abstract, write an abstract following the criteria above. The video should be prepared and uploaded through for example YouTube or Vimeo. Include the link to the video in the abstract.


  • Total length of the video: max 4 minutes
  • Include title, name(s), author(s) and location in the video
  • One author of the video should be available for video discussion

Abstract criteria

10 minutes presentation.

An author should be available for poster discussion. Further information will be sent to all poster presenters after acceptance of their abstract as poster.

One author of the video should be available for video discussion.