Friday 19 April 2024


Forum Hall (F)

South Hall (S)

08:30 – 09:35

F09. Arterial catheters
Chairs: Massimo Lamperti (AE) and Amy Bardin (US)

  • F09.1 The SIA protocol 
    Tim Spencer (US)

  • F09.2 Ultrasound approach to the axillary artery 
    Ryszard Gawda (PL)

Abstract Presentation

  • F09.3 Journey of vascular access teams in the Czech Republic: Development, successes and challenges
    Martina Douglas (CZ)


S07. Vascular Access around the world (2)
Chairs: Josie Stone (US) and
Paloma Ruiz Hernández (ES)

  • S07.1 Global questionnaire on dressing, occlusion & locking
    Christian Dupont (FR) and Paloma Ruiz Hernández (ES)

  • S07.2 Regulatory and licensure barriers to clinicians placing vascular access devices in Austria/Germany
    Christian Breschan (AT)


09:45 – 11:15

F10. Tip location in 2023: Intracavitary-ECG and ultrasound
Chairs: Ton van Boxtel (NL) and Lieve Goossens (BE)

  • F10.1 IC-ECG in 2023: the standard for tip location? 
    Evan Alexandrou (AU)

  • F10.2 The ECHOTIP protocol for ultrasound-based tip location 
    Antonio Gidaro (IT)

  • F10.3 Wireless ultrasound transducers and wireless devices for IC-ECG: a revolution in clinical practice
    Fabrizio Brescia (IT)

  • F10.4 Infusion Therapy Planning in the different specialties
    Claudia Luz (BR)

Abstract Presentation

  • T10.5  Optimizing Clinical Excellence: A Programmatic Approach to Difficult Intravenous Access in the Emergency Department
    Amit Bahl (US)


S08. Catheter-related thrombosis
Chairs: Massimo Lamperti (AE) and Jiri Charvat (CZ)

  • S08.1 Should we perform ultrasound before CVC removal? 
    Fulvio Pinelli (IT)

  • S08.2 Old and new drugs for the treatment of catheter-related thrombosis 
    Sergio Bertoglio (IT)

  • S08.3 The persistent confusion between fibroblastic sleeve and thrombosis 
    Mauro Pittiruti (IT)

  • S08.4 PICC & TIVAD thrombosis
    Martine Jérôme (BE)

Abstract Presentations

  • S08.5 Prevalence of PICC-related thrombosis in adults with hematological malignancies: A systematic review 
    Elizângela Santos (BR)


11:25 – 12:10

3 Industry symposia

13:10 – 14:35

F11. Tunneling
Chairs: Maria Giuseppina Annetta (IT) and
Gloria Ortiz Miluy (ES)

  • F11.1 The RAVESTO protocol 
    Matt Ostroff (US)

  • F11.2 Chest-to-arm tunneling 
    Elias Kehagias (GR)

  • F11.3 Tunneling midlines 
    Stefano Elli (IT)

Abstract Presentation

  • F11.4  Avoiding catheter-related thrombosis: Off-label use of peripherally inserted central catheters as tunneled centrally inserted central catheters
    Thomas Douchy (BE)


S09. Lumen occlusion in 2023
Chairs: Marcia Ryder (US) and Amit Bahl (US)

  • S09.1 The heparin-free hospital 
    Lieve Goossens (BE)

  • S09.2 Blood sampling: how and when 
    Nancy Moureau (US)

  • S09.3 Prevention and treatment of lumen occlusion 
    Christian Dupont (FR)

Abstract Presentation

  • S09.4 Development of a machine learning-based risk assessment method using transformer models to enhance ultrasonography utilization in the prevention of peripheral intravenous catheter failure
    Toshiaki Takahashi (JP)


14:35 – 15:25

F12. Data collection and Education
Chairs: Evan Alexandrou (AU) and
Marlene Steinheiser (US)

  • F12.1 Minimal requirements for VA training
    Massimo Lamperti (IT)

  • F12.2 Global data collection for global VA research
    Victor Rosenthal (US)


15:50 – 17:10

F13. Closing 8th WoCoVA
Chair: Tim Spencer (US)

  • F13.1 Vascular access team now and tomorrow 
    Amy Bardin (US)

  • F13.2 Vascular Access, the past, the present and the future 
    Ton van Boxtel (NL)

  • F13.3 Closing
    Ton van Boxtel (NL) and Tim Spencer (US)